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Messaggi don Orione
Douglas Hyde, politician, author of "God's Bandit".
Boocklet by Antonio Sicari. At his beatification ceremony in 1980, Pope John Paul II said of him: “Don Orione appears as a wonderful expression o [...]
Which is the love for the Pope typical of Don Orione and of our charism? How can we today really practice the love for the Pope professed through [...]
Pope Benedict XVI visit to the "Don Orione Centre" in Rome to bless the great statue of Our Lady, "Salus Populi Romani", restored and relocated o [...]
Thoughts of Fr Aurelio Fusi on the name of the English Missionary Delegation 'Mother of The Church'.
Don Giuseppe Tirello racconta i suoi ricordi riguardanti le attività in Inghilterra, con particolare riferimento all'avvio della presenza ad Up H [...]
“To give Our Lady to souls means to give them Jesus Christ, the Church, faith, it means to give them salvation.” (Don Orione)
Circular letter, 27 December 2011.
Fr. Flavio Peloso, 2nd October 2010.
The Congregation in new lands and in new situations
Prof. Mario Agnes, Preface of Flavio Peloso - Jan Borowiec, Franciszek Drzewiecki, No. 22666: a priest in the prison camp , second edition, Borl [...]
"A marvellous and genial expression of Christian love" (Pope John Paul II )